Simplify supplier data integrations with our team & tools.

Leverage our “no code” mapping tool, team of EDI/API developers, or directory of 250 pre-integrated suppliers and data sources to simplify your integration efforts.

Gain Instant Access to 250+ Pre-Integrated Suppliers

BrokerDen’s direct integration into the Inventory Source supplier directory allows you to easily integrate with 250+ of the largest dropship distributors. Included free in any BrokerDen plan.

Integrate Product & Inventory Data Without Custom Development

Seamlessly import product data and auto-sync inventory from any supplier providing a flat file data feed.

Headerless CSVs, pipe delimited TXT, multi-tab XLXS files, and even image ZIP files, are no match for our insanely flexible “no code” mapping tool.

No developer or additional fees required.

Integrate Your Multi-Vendor Marketplace Network

Do you run an online marketplace? Let BrokerDen connect and integrate your whole vendor network to your online sales channel.

We will help integrate your entire fulfillment network. We integrate files, APIs, FTPs, and so much more.

Your vendors don’t have a way to integrate? No problem! Leverage our Vendor Portal for your vendor network so every fulfillment option is automated to your multi-vendor marketplace.

Your Dedicated EDI & API Team

For those suppliers who require EDI or API integrations, who is better to have on your side than ecommerce workflow experts with 16+ years of integration experience?

BrokerDen customers gain the benefit of cost effective custom integration development automated by a platform built for ecommerce workflows.

We’re the “whole package”.

Provide Better Supplier Communication & Insight

Dramatically reduce manual processes and back and forth communication by providing your supplier with their own “self service portal” they will love—it’s a win-win.

Your suppliers can view orders, add shipments & tracking, manage invoices, and much more.

Keep Your Catalog Clean & Organized

Maintaining a growing catalog gets unwieldy when you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of products.

Our approach to category management makes it easy for you, your team, and your visitors to find what they need, when they need it.