Automate the Boring Back Office Admin Work

Integrate your invoices to automatically reconcile and report on sales profitability while syncing with your accounting software, such as Quickbooks.

“Auto-Map” & Reconcile Invoices Without Manual Entry

Map any invoice format (PDF, CSV, EDI, XLSX) and method (email, FTP, etc) to pull invoice data automatically and directly into BrokerDen.

Automatically reconcile invoice costs to purchase orders without importing spreadsheets or manual, time-consuming processes.

Get Notified When COGS Don’t Match

Don’t let costly mistakes fly under the radar. Set up automated notifications to alert you when the expected costs of goods sold doesn’t match up with what you actually paid.

Push Order & Invoice Data Into Your Accounting Software

Push purchase order information into your existing accounting software, such as Quickbooks.

Identify Profitable Products, Sources & Channels

Get the visibility to grow smarter with profitability reports that unearth your most—and least—profitable sources, products and channels.