A Modern PIM Built for Multiple Data Sources

Managing a catalog of thousands of products across multiple suppliers and data sources requires a new automated approach to Product Information Management.

Cross Source Catalog Management

Automatically detect and map overlapping products from different vendors to build data, pricing, inventory and shipping rules that maximize your profit margins and listing processes.

Build powerful rules to catch mismatched UPCs, MPNs, etc. to trust your data and easily manage thousands of SKUs.

Augment & Improve Product Data

Let’s face it, product data and images from suppliers shouldn’t be used alone or typically even trusted.

Build rules to merge, prioritize, verify and improve product data from multiple data sources to quickly create product listings well worth listing.

Keep Your Catalog Clean & Consistent

Maintaining a growing catalog gets unwieldy when you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of products.

Our industry leading “virtual catalog” management of categories, attributes, and price data makes it easy for you and your team to manage your growing catalog.

Build the Perfect Bundle

Give your revenue a boost by combining multiple products from your catalog to create kits and bundles that entice visitors to buy more.